In Home Therapy Staffing Software

In Home Therapy Staffing Software

-Sofware for In Home Therapy Staffers

Therapy Contractor Software Of The Future!

Built by therapists, for therapists, our software is conscious of the needs of a therapy contractor company. Being such a company ourselves we can also offer consulting on a business level to accelerate your business toward your goals. The software we can provide you will also support that outcome by creating a platform of excellence that will undoubtedly gear your company for greater opportunities. We understand your struggle as we have been a therapy contractor and in home therapy company for quite some time. Below are just a few common problems we have faced before we built this software:

Lost Notes

Endless Paper Stacks

Past Due Notes


Billing/Payroll Mistakes

Lack of Communication

Working After Hours

Slow Business Growth

No Time To Focus On Marketing

Overwhelming Paperwork

If your company faces any or all of these examples, this software could be the key to greater success.

Many Therapy Contractor companies have to deal with these same problems; however we were the first to act upon it. Our competition can claim to address some of these concerns but ours is the only software available assuring correction in all of these. So the question really becomes whether you want to purchase several pieces of software to meet these needs, or just ours, the industry leading software in therapy staff contracting.

Click below to schedule a demo or speak to someone about our contractor software - you will be redirected to our partner (TherapySync) and they will help you get started. Do not forget to mention the 10% off special by using the code: IHTSS
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Here at Therapy Contractor Software, we take pride in developing the best therapy contracting software possible.